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Published as part of the proceedings of the 35th International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems – JURIX 2022. Editors: Enrico Francesconi, Georg Borges, Christoph Sorge Authors: Tim van den Belt and Henry Prakken The paper can be downloaded here on this website or from IOS Press.


For legislation to be effective, it should not be too complex; otherwise, it cannot be sufficiently understood by those who have to apply the law or comply with it. This paper adds to the research in AI & law on developing precise mathematical complexity measures for legislation and applying these measures by computational means. The framework of Katz & Bommarito (2014) is applied to measure the complexity of Dutch legislation. The aim is twofold: first, to investigate whether this framework is meaningfully more widely applicable by applying it to a different jurisdiction and a corpus of larger size; and second, to identify possible improvements to the framework.

DOI: 10.3233/FAIA220475

Paving A Path To Simplify Legislation Using AI

An emperical complexity analysis of the Dutch legislation

Thesis was part of the master IT-Law at the University of Groningen.

Thesis can be downloaded here.