Curriculum Vitae


Working Experiences

Provide technical support to both students and teachers for multiple digital platforms across the University of Groningen. Specialized in the scheduling system, the protection and policy management surrounding personal information.

PC Rider logoPC Rider mainly repairs laptops and desktops on both hardware and software level. PC Rider also provides quality customer support for those in need.

I helped on both fields. Helping customers through the phone and at the counter while repairing computers in the back.

Working at PC Rider was very fun and diverse due to the omnivorous issues that computers can give. Thanks to a great team, PC Rider gave me a lot of experience and joy on the work floor.
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The assignment of my final internship is to research, develop and realise a software street for continuous integration to ensure code quality, increased development speed, cause more standardisation, lessen issues caused by manual labour, but foremost increase customer satisfactory by lessen the time to market and give a clearer project overview.
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Working as an intern in a start-up within a full-grown company as a software developer.

I helped maintaining and expanding the customer and system control panel. I’ve also assisted with maintaining and developing the website of TomTom Taxi.

I’ve also assisted with the marketing team with such as maintaining ZOHO.
Kring apotheek de Vijzel logo
Delivering medicines in the neighborhood. Later on, I assisted with preparing the medicines for the costumers. This all comes with great responsibility and trust. The impact of failing proper execution or damaging the trust could be lethal or could cause a trauma.

Extracurricular Activities

Maintain and develop the website of the association TJAS.

Present the board or other committees with legal advice for their disputes. Chair since june 2018.

Maintain and develop the website of the association Aegir. Chair since 2017.

logo het rechtenstudentje
Writing legal news for Law students across The Netherlands. Specialized in IT Law based news.

logo-lisa-groningen Hosting and maintaining the website of LISA.

G.S.R. Aegir LogoCoach senior high-level competition rowers, section light ladies. These ladies train around 6 or 8 times a week.

Logo Rijksuniversiteit GroningenA few times per year I take a seat as a student member of the board to deal with issues that students have and made an appeal for.

Let the students’ voice be heard at the council meetings. With the copartnership, I, along with my other fellow members, can co-decide the board’s policy.

Organize a masterclass for master students with an affiliation of IT-law.

Writing for JFV’s legal magazine “In Casu”.

Assist the instructors with the course by supporting students in class with designing efficient and structured databases. HvA Hogeschool van Amsterdam logo

Assist the instructors with the course by supporting students in class with basic programming questions. HvA Hogeschool van Amsterdam logo


This certificate represents my ability to work in a professional environment with the English language.
License number: 0041160708
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This certificate represents my dedication to learn basic Japanese.
License number: 0041160708


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Not enough experiences yet to mention anything noteworthy.
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Starting with a variety of techniques in the first year, thereafter the courses become more specific and professional on the basis of your chosen specialization.

Software Engineering is the specialization I chose to enhance my working capabilities in a corporate environment and to learn to write professional code meant for a long maintenance.

To increase my comprehension of all professional related aspects of my specialization I decided to improve my English fluency by doing an English minor and following the course “International Project Management”.
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Finished with a HAVO degree for 2 of the four disciplines: Nature & technics and Nature & Health. Final mark for the subject IT was a 9.

 My skills