About me

This page was last updated September 2020.

Wonderful that you read my about me page! Let me swiftly shine a light on my history, strengths and what I deem my possible prospects.

In a nutshell: I am a geek at heart, wishing to employ the legal system to exercise the rights one has. I love to study, keep improving and expanding my knowledge. I see a goal not as a finite stipulation of steps, but a process where the client is the key for success. Lastly, I am not just a lawyer, I am not just an engineer, I am something else, a Lawgineer.


Born and raised in Amsterdam, I started studying ICT at the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam, with a major in Software Engineering. During the study, I became more and more interested in the legal aspects within IT. So much so that I did a bachelor IT-Law and currently do the master IT-law. I want to make a difference, I want to enable people to enforce their rights, that it is clear what one another’s rights truly encompasses. Especially in the world of technology, a world that never sits still, always innovates, and which requires a more dynamic and quickly adjusting legal system.

But my love for IT will never wane. In my heart, I will always remain a nerd who loves tech. I love innovation. I wish to understand it, use it, and possibly extends its appliance. I do not mind being an early adopter, it means trial and error, it means enjoying tech’s latest perks, it means keeping a fresh mind and view on the world. You need to keep moving forward.

Besides being a legal and IT professional, I enjoy sports, games, movies, and languages. I have done a multitude of sports longer than two years. Namely Judo, Ice skating, rowing, tennis, horseback riding and swimming. Another area I like and hope to improve in is languages. At high school, languages were my worst subjects. Now I enjoy improving and learning new languages. I continuously seek to improve my English. Currently I try to learn the basics of Japanese. I hope to add Russian, Chinese and possibly Spanish to that list.


Possibly my biggest strength is to not be definable. I do not like to be defined as one or the other. I am not your typical engineer. I am not your typical lawyer. I like to think on matters in multiple distinctive ways, and I like to thoroughly understand the topic, no matter the area of expertise (well, okay, with some exceptions).

Another strength of mine is the hunger and power to constantly learn and adapt. That is why I like practising law more than IT. Even though IT is always developing, law is more flexible, it is both tangible and intangible at the same time. Law is neither true nor false, it is always a ‘maybe’. It requires persistence and eagerness to keep studying. And I love knowledge and to expand mine. Some see research as tedious. I think it is fun and a great tool to become a proficient lawyer or engineer.

To make the list not too long, I keep the count of my strengths at three. So lastly, I like to think for a user or client. The end goal is not just winning a case, research a topic or develop a system. The goal is to help someone or something. Sometimes, that someone does not know what the person wants. Or perhaps, that what the person wants, might not be in its best interest. Or preferably, you give the person something it did not even know the person wanted. Reaching a goal is a fluent process. A goal can be reached in different ways. Therefore, keep your mind open for different approaches. Listen. Interpret. And try to understand.


I see myself in the future being an intermediary between the world of lawyers and engineers. I will translate the wishes and matrix of facts into legal actions, strategies, and interpretations.

One of the major fields I hope to pursue is intellectual property. It encompasses a large legal portion of technology that never sits still. Especially patent law. There I believe that one must understand a patent before one can deal with the legal technicalities.

Besides intellectual property, I like almost anything in law, as long as it has direct meaning in the world of technology, whether it is about contract law or property law or something else. Because every case can be very different in such an innovative industry. A perfect challenge.

I like to do research. Keep learning something new. Even in a subject I believe I fully understand, there is always a left unturned. There is always something new on the horizon.