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First day in Seoul

I could barely sleep, so anxious to explore Seoul. But it was worth it, Seoul has so much to offer. It started with a, in my opinion scanty, breakfast. Apparently, Koreans don’t do extensive breakfasts. Nonetheless, it was good quality and easy to eat. For today I decided to visit the palaces throughout Seoul. The […]

Arriving at Seoul

Whilst the plane was still landing I had to rub my eyes to wake up. I was finally there! But then slowly I also realized, I knew no Korean and had no idea how to reach my hostel. Anxiety crawled within me. How am I ever going to manage that in a country where English […]

Programming code

Laravel Mail Solution For: Htmlentities() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given error exception

I love Laravel. Simple, elegant, easy, well documentated. However, sometimes the errors are not always very clear. Certainly when having issues while using ajax. Because when the system is unable to produce a slick stacktrace through the request, you will need to view the Laravel logs in BASE_PATH/storage/logs . The Exception In my case, I had some issues […]